Hi. I’m Simon Honeychurch, a software engineer focused on data protection, data ethics and programmer/business relationships.

Simon Honeychurch

I offer services in two distinct domains, Oracle data ethics and optimal business relations.

Data Ethics

Our technological progress rides on waves of data. It’s a valuable resource that must be treated with care and respect. I can guide you on making the most of your data and implementing data protection in your systems.

Oracle Data Anonymisation

Using our custom WhiteWing module for Oracle we can intelligently identify personal data in your database and automatically anonymise as it reaches a certain age or process stage.

You retain historic value in your data whilst also respecting and conforming to data privacy regulations such as the GDPR.

WhiteWing is a flexible, clean and simple solution to managing data privacy in your systems. It is proven in the field.

Contact me to find out how this can work for you: hi@honeychurch.tech

Privacy by Design

Experienced advice and development in building data protection and data ethics into your existing apps. Even better, invite me to implement Privacy by Design in the early stages of your new systems. Read more here.

Happy Programmer, Happy Business

The relationship between business and programmer is essential for optimal quality and workplace well-being. But it’s not always the simplest to get right.

I’m here to make things better. Over a series of innovative days I will identify the key issues that are holding you back and act as a bridge between individuals to find the best ways of working together and building the dream.

I bring empathy and calm mediation with a satisfying outcome for all parties. You will see a much happier team, building software to a higher standard in more efficient ways.

Contact me for a chat about this process: hi@honeychurch.tech

Working with me…

People have said some nice things about working with me…

Simon played a key role in creating our valuable financial software and scaling it as the company rapidly grew.

We loved Simon’s calm and happy nature. Great communication on all the projects we worked on. Totemic Group

Simon’s approach is liberating and educating. He’s a total knowledge sharer.

Simon gave great advice on the ever changing world of tech across sectors that helped me navigate in an ocean of data. Remi Olajoyegbe

My Articles

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I care about individual freedoms and liberation. Nature is my guide and my inspiration on this journey.

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